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Sometimes It’s About A lot More Than The Hair

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Keratin Treatment
I need a keratin treatment for my emotions
Something to tame the frizzies, and smooth them straight
I’ve tried alcohol and other drugs, but they only mask the feelings
The way my favorite hat hides my gray roots, when I’m overdue for a dye job
The rain, my shower, my shampoo, washing away the filth of it all
Temporarily relieving me of my hurt dirt, and affected locks
The wind blows a blow dryer of heat and change
Bending direction, speeding up the process, a catalyst to my condition
Sunlight, highlights, lowlights, please please no lights
They exasperate my state, my need for conditioning, conditioner
The kind that smells like mint – softens, thickens, and enriches
The kind that rinses out, the kind that stays in, the kind that costs a fortune
I need a keratin treatment for my emotions
I’d pay any price – a month’s worth of rent, diamond earrings, tuition
To cover the wiry white rebellious reality that is growing from my head
For tempered tresses, magnificent mane, a treatment that renders me sane
-Tamera McCoskery (Local Writer and client of Jason’s)